An integrated platform to connect your club

Unlock the power of Google's business applications to professionalize your club and improve collaboration!


Professional emails using your club or district's web domain

Example: name@azrotaract.org

Google Groups

Groups allow for shared email address access, file management, & easy succession planning

Team Drives

Unlimited storage for documents & files stored using the "Team Drives" feature

Google Meet

BWR G-Suite accounts come with access to Google's enterprise-grade video conferencing platform.

Participating Districts & Clubs

  • rotaract5050.org

  • rotaract5160.org

  • rotaract5170.org

  • rotaractla.org

  • rotaract5340.org

    • rotaractucsd.org

    • pacificbeachrotaract.org

    • sdrotaract.org

  • azrotaract.org