Docusign Donation Program

The DocuSign IMPACT program provides Big West Rotaract Foundation with access to an industry-leading electronic signature platform for volunteer waivers at service projects, parent permissions slips for youth mentorship activities, and more!

If your club or district has an ongoing need for electronic signatures, such as an annual Interact/Youth Exchange program (parent permission slips) or monthly community volunteer day (liability waivers for non-members), please email [email protected] to request an account for your club/district. Please note the login email must be a G-Suite account on the BWR network. Please provide at least one week's notice to ensure sufficient time to create your Docusign account.

If you need DocuSign for a one-time activity, such as chartering a new club (club certification form), becoming a member district (MDIO consent form) or signing a contract with a vendor, please email [email protected] with the details of your request.

Use Cases

Chartering a new Rotaract Club

The Rotaract Club Certification Form requires the signatures of the Rotaract Club's Charter President, the Club Advisor, the President(s) of the sponsor club(s), and the Rotary District Governor. Docusign can speed up the signature collection process by allowing Rotaractors & Rotarians to sign the form electronically.

Interact Stayovers

Every year, the Rotaract Clubs at UC Berkeley & UC Davis organize Interact Stayovers. Interactors from 6 Northern California Rotary Districts spend the weekend on campus to learn about college life and develop leadership skills. Rotaractors host Interactors overnight in their dorms & apartments. Both clubs adopted Docusign to streamline the distribution & collection of liability waivers, parent permission slips, and emergency contact forms (approx 200 envelopes).

Cal Berkeley Rotaract Stayover (CBRS)

You See Davis (YSD)

What are the benefits of adopting electronic signatures?

  • Convenience for Interactors & their parents: Interactors avoid the hassle of printing, signing, and carrying paper documents to the event. Parents can easily sign using their phone or computer.

  • Convenience for Rotaractors: Rotaractors avoid the hassle of collecting, reviewing, & sorting paperwork during the event. After the event, Rotaractors avoid the trouble of scanning paper forms for storage.

  • Peace of mind: Event organizers can verify that all paperwork is fully and properly completed before Interactors arrive. This reduces the risk that an Interactor fills out paperwork incorrectly or forgets to bring it with them entirely.

  • Accessibility & Compliance: Digital forms are readily accessible in an emergency, and can be securely shared with stakeholders without scanning or printing physical copies. Big West Rotaract stores all paperwork for the legally-mandated retention period.