Digital Services

Big West Rotaract Foundation is pleased to support its member districts by offering a wide range of services that enhance productivity, streamline administration, and reduce financial burdens on club members. The Digital Services Committee has worked hard to facilitate sponsorship from corporate partners and build the digital infrastructure to offer these products to our member districts for free!

Web Hosting

AWS virtual servers allow clubs & districts to build an online presence without the expense of hosting the site. Big West Rotaract also provides digital advertising grants to drive traffic to your website and increase visibility in your community.

Email & Collaboration

G-Suite is Google's business platform, offering a powerful set of cloud computing, communication & collaboration tools. Clubs can professionalize branding and improve productivity through professional emails, Google Groups, and unlimited drive storage, 

Membership Directory

Big West Rotaract uses Pingboard to make it easy to know who's who within the MDIO. Our searchable directory, org chart, and mobile app allow Rotaractors to connect with clubs across the region and match names to faces!

Canva: Graphic Design

Canva's user-friendly website makes it easy to create publicity materials, advertisements, and social media content to promote your Rotaract Club & District. Member districts have access to Canva Pro, the premium version of Canva!

Video Conferencing

Big West Rotaract offers Google Meet to help clubs & districts host virtual meetings. Enterprise-grade video conferencing accounts help Rotaractors avoid the limitations & inconveniences imposed by the free versions. 

Electronic Signatures

The DocuSign IMPACT program provides Big West Rotaract Foundation with access to an industry-leading electronic signature platform for volunteer waivers at service projects, parent permissions slips for youth mentorship activities, and more!